First Week Update


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week one update

One week has passed and I have to say i’m a bit surprised about how well and committed I was!  – I tend to “cheat” a little here and there, but nothing of that happened! I stuck to the program and the points! I even made and took my own dinner to a dinner invitation/get-together!  Now, that’s an accomplishment! ha!

Anyways, enough about that – here are my numbers for week one….. drum rolls ……

5.4 Lbs Down!!!


Yay! I felt really happy about the weight loss! Also, felt happy for my husband who lost an outstanding 8 Lbs in ONE WEEK! Crazy!  We are in this together & we are both supporting each other big time. I’m grateful for that! My husband is mostly doing this for me. He doesn’t need to lose a lot of weight, but didn’t mind getting some off and support me along the way. I’m one lucky woman!

I’ve been mostly sticking to a protein breakfast bar in the mornings. Lunches and Dinners mostly consist of protein, rice and vegetables.  Yesterday I made a serving size Shepard Pie! Was delicious.

I noticed that I unintentionally,  have avoided gluten and dairy. Seems to be working well with me.

On to week two!


Day 1 – Success!


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-phloxii_ICanIWill - Edited

I was very excited to start day 1! Yesterday, was grocery shopping day for the week! I made sure I had enough fruit, vegetables, protein bars for a grab and go breakfast or/and lunch.  I also got some Frozen Meals for the days where i don’t get a chance to cook!

I had a very busy day at the office with back to back meetings. Usually on these days, i forget to eat! (i end up eating a TON of food in the evening to make up for it!) – but today, i was prepared!  I had my breakfast and lunch ready with me!

Here was what i had today including the points

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks
 NuGo Peanut butter chocolate bar Frozen Meal (Butter Chicken w/basmati rice)  Frozen Meal (Korean Inspired Meal with Beef & veggies)  Banana (0 Points)

Apple w/2 Tbsp Peanut Butter

 6 Points 8 Points   8 Points  7 Points

I made sure i met my points for the day (29 total out of 30). After dinner i was left with 8 points, and i was full. I waited and decided to snack on an apple with some peanut butter!

I actually felt good and full! Didn’t feel hungry throughout the day which is GREAT! I even managed to get in a 30 minute fast walk in my day!

Overall, i would call this a successful day!!